Are you a World of Warcraft Player who wants to explore new territories? If so, then you might be looking for a WoW Kirasztia location. Kirasztia is a key character in the Dragonflight expansion, that offers unique gear and quests for players.

In this guide, we will tell you the exact WoW Kirasztia Location. And will also talk about the treasures and mythical items that await you at this mysterious location.

Where to Find Kirasztia in the Emerald Dream

If you’re looking for the Kirasztia location in WoW, head first to the Emerald Dream and navigate to coordinates “36.69, and 33.30.” This mystical location is in the east of the Wellspring of Life and south of the Scorching Chasm.

While exploring the location keep an eye out for Kirasztia’s distinctive presence. You will find Kirasztia luring around the Emerald Dream plains. After finding the Kirasztia you will get to enjoy the mysterious wares and quests offered by Kirasztia in WoW.

WoW Kirasztia Location

  • 36.69, 33.30 in the Emerald Dream.

Interacting with Kirasztia

Once you have located Kirasztia in WoW, take the time to explore his offerings. Kirasztia specializes in selling unique gear such as the coveted Casket of the Risen Nightmare, which is sure to enhance your gameplay experience. Moreover, you can also get the “Theozhaklos the Curious” next to Kirasztia, allowing players to turn in the Emerald Mark of Mastery and unlock special rewards.

Questing with Kirasztia

Aside from selling gear, Kirasztia also offers engaging quests that will test your skills and provide you with valuable items. So it is suggested to accept the quests and explore the epic adventures alongside Kirasztia and unravel the mysteries of the Dragonflight expansion.

Further Exploration of Kirasztia’s Realm

Gear Offered by Kirasztia

Item NameDescriptionPrice
Casket of the Risen NightmareEnhances player stats and abilities1000g
Dreamweaver’s CloakProvides increased defense500g
Twilight OrbGrants additional spell power750g

Quests Available from Kirasztia

  1. The Dreamer’s Challenge
    • Description: Test your skills in a series of trials set forth by Kirasztia.
    • Rewards: Rare gear and experience points.
  2. Echoes of the Emerald Dream
    • Description: Investigate disturbances in the Emerald Dream and restore balance.
    • Rewards: Unique weapons and cosmetic items.
  3. Nightmare Incursion
    • Description: Defend Kirasztia’s realm from a dark force threatening its existence.
    • Rewards: Legendary gear and exclusive mounts.


In conclusion, discovering the Kirasztia location in World of Warcraft is a thrilling adventure and every WoW player must visit it to obtain valuable rewards and mythical quests. Whether you are a pro WoW player or a beginner to the world of Azeroth, interacting with Kirasztia and exploring the wonders of the Emerald Dream is an experience not to be missed.

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