Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release date and Everything you need to know

You’re an Anime Watcher? So you must have heard the name of the Anime series “Yuri on Ice” if so then maybe you’re also wondering about the Yuri on Ice season 2. Well if you’re also the one who is wondering about the release date of the anime series then here we are with all the latest updates about the show that you must know.

Yuri on Ice season 2 is one of the most awaited Anime series that every Anime fans are eager to watch. But sadly there is still no confirmed date when the series will release and the fans will be able to watch it.

But don’t be sad we still have some interesting and latest updates or news that you must know about the series. It’s been around four years that the first season of the series was released but still there is no development or confirmed release date of this epic anime series.

So before jumping or moving straight to the main topic let’s first talk about the story of the show and the plot of the first season of the series.

Yuri on Ice Season 1

The first season of the series was released on October 6, 2016, and consists of 12 episodes. The series is written by Mitsur Kubo and directed by Sayo Yamamoto. The production house of the series is MAPPA studios which are known for its epic Anime series like “Attack on Titan”.

Now let’s talk about the main story and plot of the first season of the Yuri on Ice Anime series. The story revolves around the main character Yuri who is a Japanese figure skater who has lost faith in his own ability and is taken under the wing of renowned champion Victor Nikiforov.

Victor also coaches another Russian skater named Yuri, with two Yuris skating in the Figure Staking Grand Prix against each other. The main plot of the series is Romance that makes it one of the best Romantic Anime series and the fan’s favorite.

The romance between Victor and Yuri is shown very beautifully as well as their exquisite coordinated ice-skating routines because of this unique story and plot the series became fans’ favorite in no time.

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Yuri on Ice Season 2 Release Date

It’s been four years since the first season of the series was released but still, there is no confirmed date for the Yuri on Ice Season 2. However, we get to see a special episode titled ‘Yuri!!! on Ice: Yuri Plisetsky GPF in Barcelona EX – Welcome to The Madness’ which was released on May 26 in the year 2017.

Not only the special episode an Anime movie was also released in 2019 titled Yuri on Ice The Movie: Ice Adolescence. But still, after two big announcements and releases after season 1 fans are still waiting for the release of the second season that is nowhere to be found.

But we’re still positive that the series will definitely get revived and we will soon get an official confirmation regarding the second season of the series. But until that day we can only wait for that to happen. In a year or two, we will get to see the next season of the series according to us so in the year 2022 or 2023, we will definitely get to see the Yuri on Ice season 2.

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Yuri on Ice Season 2

Yuri on Ice Season 2 Plot

There is no confirmed story or plot for the second season so we can only assume or make up a story of our own. But as we have already seen in the first season we can come up with a story and assume that the second season is most likely to revolve around the matured relation between the main characters i.e. Yuri Katsuki and Victor.

Not only the relationship they have now but most importantly it is most likely that they both will clash with each other in the next Grand Prix where they will compete against each other. If this occurs, the student will be forced to stand opposite his teacher in a far more dramatic position. All of this will be proven once the second season of Yuri on Ice is released.

Yuri on Ice Season 2

Well, all of this is still an assumption so we cannot be fully assured until some official story or trailer is released of the second season. So we advise you to just take it lightly not get too serious as we can be a little wrong with the story but this is the most possible plot that is likely to release in the Yuri on Ice season 2.

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Yuri on Ice Season 2 Trailer

There is no official trailer released till but we will upload it here as soon as it will release so stay with us until some official confirmation to know more about the series.

All we have for now is the trailer of the first season.

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