After the PUBG ban in India COD ends partnership with Tencent. Activision’s COD Mobile is one of the most famous games among people. COD mobile was launched on October 1st, 2019. In less than a year, COD mobile gets more than 100 Million+ Downloads on Google Play Store.

Why COD ends Partnership with Tencent?

After the Ban on several Chinese Apps in India, Activision COD ends a Partnership with Tencent so that in the future they will not get Ban and lose all Indian users that will lead to a great loss for the company Activision. Before Season 9 on the loading screen of the game, we can see credits Tencent and TiMi studios for game development but after the season 9 COD ends Partnership with Tencent and Activision has removed credits to these developer organizations from the loading screen.

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According to TiMi studios, there are mainly two reasons for ending the Partnership:

US President Orders against Tencent

The first main reason for COD ends Partnership with Tencent is that US President Trump puts restrictions on US Companies to conduct Transactions with Tencent and its subsidiaries. Activision is a US Based Company and didn’t want to affect their mobile Title in the US after the order from President. Later on, it is clarified by President Trump that the restriction is imposed on certain sectors and not on the entirety of Tencent but Activision didn’t want to take any risk and saves them by ending Partnership with Tencent.

PUBG Mobile Copying Features from COD Mobile

The second and one of the main reason for COD ends Partnership with Tencent is that PUBG is continuously Copying many features from COD Mobile which is Said by Activision Studios in a Report. PUBG Mobile is reportedly noticed to copying features and Maps from COD Mobile like Gun Game Mode, and some locations from the COD map. COD Claimed that the game is different from others due to its new features like Gunsmith and Katana which bring up the quality of the game.

Why PUBG Ban in India

As we all know PUBG is not all Chinese App but due to its 10% Stake with Chinese Game Company Tencent which leads to the Ban of PUBG in India. Indian Government is Reportedly banning Chinese apps from India due to the security reasons of the country in the past Government banned Apps like TikTok with other 59 Chinese apps and at present due to the same reason of security Indian Government Ban PUBG from India with other 118 Chinese Apps.

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