Amazon Zoox Reveals About Amazon’s First Fully Automatic & Self Driving Robotaxi

Zoox is a Self-driving car manufacturing company that Amazon bought in June after 6 years finally the Amazon Zoox announces to launch of its first-ever fully automatic & self-driving Robotaxi. The new electric car by Zoox has no staring wheels which means that the car is going to be fully automatic and the company also claims that the car can drive by itself from day to night on a single charge.

Amazon’s Robotaxi felt somewhat similar in designs to other company’s self-driving electric cars. At just 3.63 meters long, it falls somewhere in between the big, boxy Origin robotaxi from Cruise (which is owned by General Motors) and the delivery-focused robot made by Nuro.

Amazon Zoox first Robotaxi

The Robotaxi has a capacity to carry a total of 4 passengers at a time, the car has two motor engines on each side which can maximize the traveling speed at 75 miles per hour. With a power package of two batteries car can travel for non-stop 16 hours with a single charge a day. To commercialize the technology, Zoox plans to launch an app-based ride-hailing service in cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas.

Zoox has been working for long 6 years to design and create its first robotaxi to differentiate it from other company’s self-driving electric cars zoox worked on outfitting & customizing the driving ability of the robotaxi different from other company’s electric cars. The new Zoox robotaxi can be driven in both forward and backward direction as well as it has the ability to drive side by side or “bi-directionally”. The company also claims that it’s new self-driving electric car has the ability to handle precise maneuvers like “tight curbside pickups” and “tricky U-turns.”

Now if we talk about the safety technology used in the car then we can say that Amazon’s new Robotaxi has the most safety measures and technologies in it. There is a total of six crown level LIDAR pucks up, along with that it has a number of radar sensors and cameras used in it. This technology provides a 270 degrees view at each corner which leads to the elimination of blind spots and providing redundancy in case a sensor fails. The company also claims that the sensor suite allows the vehicle to see objects up to 150 meters away.

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The Interior looks given by the company are quite attractive and less coldly technological. In the inside of the car, we will see bench seats placed facing inward and surrounded by somewhat looks like fabric texture. The seats also conceal what Zoox says is a radical rethink of how airbags work. In between the seats, we will see cupholders placed and wireless charging mats. The ceiling has a starry sky pattern.

The most important and attractive interiors zoox placed in their new Robotaxi is the touchscreen feature which will enable the passengers to control the music, air conditioning, or see their route and ETA the touchscreen will be placed on each seat which is from my point of view is a very attractive and new feature found in any of the latest self-driving electric cars.

Now, let’s end the article and in the end, I just have to say that It’s been a long 6 years for Zoox to found and design an electric car like this. To complete and achieve the collective goal of Amazon and Zoox which is to provide an autonomous ride-hailing service. The company has been testing the prototypes of the car in San Francisco and Foster City in California, as well as in Las Vegas, Nevada.