Google Pixel Buds A Seems to be Leaked in an Official Email

It seems that Google accidentally leaks the company’s upcoming lower-cost set of truly wireless earbuds “Google Pixel Buds A”. According to a report by 9to5Google, a new email is stated by the company containing the image of upcoming olive green Pixel buds that doesn’t seem to be a part of the current earbuds lineup by Google. If we talk about the changes Google made in its new earbuds then the first view we got is the interior of the case which seems to have the same color that of the Pixel Buds A. Previously in the second-gen buds case the color isn’t the same which surely indicates the image to belong to the new upcoming Buds A.

Another clue we found in the image to indicate that the following image is of the buds A is that the inside-facing part of the earbuds is also the same green color that of the case. With such clues, we can consider the image to be of upcoming Google buds. If we notice in the image they seem to be practically identical to the previous Google buds in the market though we can’t see the second LED inside the charging case which maybe isn’t visible or can be gone.

Google Pixel Buds A

As we mentioned earlier the official email was leaked by Google revealing its upcoming Earbuds A which seems to appear in olive green color. But there is no official announcement yet made by Google so we just have to be patient until the company made any further announcement regarding its upcoming buds series A.

The major point to note is that the company is willing to make available these buds at affordable prices compare to its previous generation Google Pixel buds which cost users around $179. So we can assume that the price of the next-generation Pixel buds may cost around $99 or $129 which is quite an affordable price compared to any other brand’s premium-quality buds.