Sony 360-degree Audio Speakers are Here

Yesterday on January 8 Sony announced its two new audio speakers that are going to be launch soon. The special thing about the new Speakers is “These are Sony 360-degree Audio Speakers,” Sony said that the new Audio speakers are powered with spatial audio technology that gives users a feel as the music is playing live by replacing several sounds and vocals in a virtual sphere around users. The design isn’t yet confirmed by the company but they unveil that they are planning to release the speakers this spring.

You don’t have to wait for seeing the design or the features of the new speakers as there are full product pages uploaded on the UK website of Sony in which they fully explain the features and design of both upcoming SRS-RA5000 and SRS-RA3000 speakers.

According to press release on UK website of Sony the high-end speaker SRS-RA5000 will costs users approximately £500 / €599, while the low-end speaker SRS-RA3000 will costs users approximately £280 / €359.

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Sony 360-degree Audio Speakers

The High-end speaker model i.e. SRS-RA5000 will be featured with three speakers at the top, three at the side, and a woofer. Also, the speaker is certified for high-resolution Audio. While the low-end model i.e. SRS-RA3000 will be featured with two tweeters, two passive radiators, and a full-range driver.

Both the speakers have a feature to calibrate while they are in the same room with the help of a microphone installed in them and with a “unique Sony algorithm” also. To calibrate with high-end-model SRS-RA5000 users have to hold and press the button placed on the speaker while for low-end model SRS-RA3000 it can calibrate automatically. There is also a feature called Sony Auto Volume which helps in adjusting the volume of the track itself automatically to play the song at a consistent volume which is a very useful feature for the users. Also, the speakers are compatible to support Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

We can also get to see a release date marked by Sony in a press release on its UK website in which they said that the new Sony 360-degree Audio Speakers will release on February 2021, which is a bit soon than the previous spring date we heard before. So till the actual release date, we can assume that there will be different dates for different countries and regions.

Earlier on Friday Sony stated that it is planning to develop its 360 reality audio platform from Audio to Video, moreover the company is working with major music providers to start streaming the video content with codec earlier this year.