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Google Launched Powerful Earbuds Google Pixel Buds 2 review

Google Pixel Buds 2 review

The very first wireless earbuds are here from google the Google Pixel Buds 2 had got its approval previous year. The company has delayed its launch period for about a year and here a Boom the google is back with many changes and improvements in its new Pixel Buds – 2.

Features of the Google Pixel Buds 2

The new Google Pixel Buds 2 come with many fantastic and Mind Boggling Features. This new Mini device from google is one of the masterpiece from google and may become the highest seller from google. The Earbuds came with many Features like Latest Voice assistance technology which can translate your language which is a great feature in any earphone. The new earbuds came up with latest bluetooth 5.0 connectivity chipset.

The Earbuds support HD voice quality sound and zero voice render so that users can enjoy seamless Music and Videos. The bluetooth range of the device is 90 m which is in very less bluetooth devices. The Buds have the in ear design which made it very comfortable for the users to use it to wear it. The audio balancer used in the buds are 12 mm Dynamic drivers which provide users a different and fabulous level of audio.

Earbuds are sweat and as well as waterproof and comes with IPX rating. Touch senstivity controlling is used in it which made it very efficient and convinient to use. The colour contrast used here is very beautiful mainly it came in White colour with the charging case which is very beautifully designed by the technicians of google. the size of the buds are perfect to be fit in ears which made it very comfortable to wear.

Battery and additional Features of Google Pixel Buds 2

The company said the beast came up with 24 hours battery life with charging case included, which is QI- Certified and can also be wireless charge on any compatible charger. The Buds individually can be used for about 5 hours of single charge.

There are some many new features that are introduce in the new earbuds which include reverse charging, that means that earbuds can be charged up by using phone battery also which is a very different and new feature introduced in it.

One of the greatest feature is that the weight of the Earbuds, normally Bluetooth Buds are quiet heavy in weight which made them incomfortable for the users to use but pixel Buds come with perfect light weight and design which make them unique and worth to buy.

Comparison With other Company Earbuds

On Compare with Apple Airpods: Apple Airpods is one of the most toughest competition for any of the wireless buds but on comparing it with Google buds the google buds are better buds than apple airpods. They’ve got superior features like sound quality and cost is almost $20 less than the Apple airpods with such great feature and less cost it is worth to buy the new Google Buds 2.

And the second Opponent is the Samsung Galaxy buds Plus: We can conclude that the google Buds are much cost efficient to buy in the comparison of sound quality and features, the google buds are better equipped for workouts than the samsung buds.

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