Vignette Ads by Google AdSense now Getting Wider Screen

Google makes a Big Announcement today about Vignette Ads that now they are going to support a large and wider screen than before. Google comes up with a statement about Vignette Ads that “vignette ads now support a larger range of screen sizes. For sites that have vignettes turned on, ads will soon start to appear on wider screens such as a desktop.”

Previously google experimented by displaying Vignette Ads on a larger screen which shares a very well review due to which now Google comes up with a decision to wider the screen of Vignette.

Google gave a new control option in your auto ads settings named “Wide Screen Control” which will help users to control the display of Vignette Ads if any of the users want not to show widescreen ads on their desktop they can disable the option through this control available in your Auto ads settings.

Also Note that widescreen vignettes won’t start serving until after November 3, 2020. To know more about this refer to the official Google page by Click here.

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Vignette Ads

If we talk about this update we can simply say that these are the full-screen ads that appear between page loads and can be skipped by users at any time.

These Ads display over the screen when the user leaves the page rather than on arriving so that the users don’t have to wait for Ads loading at the very first time of the arrival.

In a view of users, Google also limits the number of vignettes per user in order to maintain a good user experience. Refer to the Google AdSense page to know more about Vignettes.