Doki Doki Literature Club is a short-time playing American freeware visual novel game developed by team Salvato in the year 2017. If you’re a gamer who is finding a game which you can complete within a week then Doki Doki is a fantasy for you guys. Now the question is How long is Doki Doki Literature Club? means how much time you need to beat the full game.

The game doesn’t need much time to get completed if you’re a gamer who can only able to spend a few hours of the day on a game and wanted to complete it. Then you must try playing Doki Doki Literature club once, you can finish it in just a week or before that.

In case you’re wondering about how many hours it will take to complete the full game then let me tell you about it. If you play it seriously without any breaks or skip then you may be able to complete the main story of the game in about 4 hours. If you play Extras+Main then you may complete it in about 5 hours 30 minutes. On average you can say that it will take at most 7 or 8 hours to complete the full game.

Now let’s move to the next topic and see what Doki Doki Literature Club is.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club is a short play Japanese game you can finish within a week. It is a Visual Novel game developed by Team Salvato in the year 2017. At first, the game was distributed by but later on, the game was available on Steam.

Doki Doki Game Story

As for the story of the game, it is told from the perspective of a high school student who recently joined the school Literature club for his best friend, and is given the option to woo three female members out of four.

As for the Plot and ending of the game, the game features a non-traditional plot and has multiple endings with each character unblockable cutscenes.

There are mainly two parts of the game, during the first part you play as a character and joined the Literature club of the school where you go regularly. Also, you and the other members of the club discuss the poems you wrote a night before, you can choose your poem and the expression through different words from a list display on your screen.

You’ve to choose your words properly to make your verse more appealing to some girls than others in the club. The verse of more appeal matters as the one girl with whom you have more standing will stay close to you and spend more close time with you in the game.

Now let’s move to the second part of the game which is kind of frustrating and difficult to handle from here on you’re constantly off-balance. If you still don’t understand let’s talk about it in detail maybe you save the game from time to time before making any big decisions so that you can diverge the plot later on and take a different route. But after the second part, it is impossible to go back and think what is right the story of the game started looking like a horror story.

As a player unlike the first part of the game in the second half, you have no idea what is right and what to do next. But you keep going forward in order to see what will be going to happen next.

How long is Doki Doki Literature Club

As we already said that the Doki Doki game is a short play game that you can easily finish within a week. But if you’re finding the no. of hours in which you can finish the game then read it below.

As for the main story, you can finish it in about 4 hours, for Main+Extras you can finish the game in about 5 hours and 30 minutes. So in short if we say how long is Doki Doki Literature club is then we can conclude that it will only take at most 7 to 8 hours to finish the full game.

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