Dayz is one of the biggest hit games in history played by millions of gamers around the world. If you’re also a Dayz player then maybe you’re thinking is Dayz Cross-Platform Available or Not? Well, if you’re thinking the same then you’re at the right stop today here we will be going to tell you about everything related to this topic so keep reading the full article and you will get your answers soon.

Dayz is one of the best games of all time which was created by Bohemia Interactive. This game is many gamers’ favorite and that’s why many players also wanted to find out if the Dayz Cross-Platform is available or not.

Well, we will find about it below just keep reading the following article and get all your answers.

What is the Cross-Platform of a Game?

If we have to explain it in simple words then we can simply say that Cross-Platform allows different devices players to play together. Like if you’re a PC gamer and your friend is a console gamer (PS4, Xbox, etc.) and you both want to play the game online together.

In that case, Cross-Platform games allow you to do so. You can enjoy the game with your online friends on different platforms just like that. And if a game doesn’t support cross-platform then that means you will not be able to play the game with your friends on different devices or platforms.

Is Dayz Cross-Platform Available?

The answer is NO there isn’t a possible way to play Dayz Cross-Platform yet. Since the release of the game i.e. back in 2019 players got excited to play the game Cross-Platform with their friends but unfortunately, that dream maybe cannot become true.

This means that you cannot play the game online with your friends until you both own a similar console or play on the same platform. So if you want to play the game with your friends then there is no other way than to play the game on a similar platform.

Why Dayz isn’t Cross-Platform?

There are many reasons why developers don’t provide the players with the cross-platform option but one of the main reasons is that DayZ community servers are separate for different gaming consoles. 

So because of different servers for the different platforms, it is impossible for players to cross-play the game. So if you’re thinking that you will ever be able to see the Cross-Platform of the game then maybe you’re wrong as one of the game’s official once Tweet that “there isn’t any chance for DayZ to become cross-platform in near future.”

Is Dayz Cross-Platform between PS5 and PS4?

Trying to play the game between the same consoles is called cross-gen support which means you’re playing on different consoles but of the same company or with the same gen. That means you’re lucky if you’re friend has a PS5 or some other console from the same company.

It is just like playing games on different configurations of PC. That means you can play with your friends if you own a PS5 and they own a PS4. In short, you can enjoy the multiplayer Dayz game with your friends all you need is the same platform.

Is Dayz Cross-Save Available?

Just like Dayz Cross-Platform Dayz doesn’t support the cross-save feature also. So that means you will not be able to save your game progress to other platforms. That means if you’re thinking of saving your game in your PC account and wanted to get all the data on your console game then it is not possible.

You have to start the game over you cannot cross-save your game if you’re switching to a different gaming platform then all you can do is start over the game there isn’t any possible way to save your game data and play it from where you leave on a different platform.

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