Microsoft Surface Duo First Dual-Screen Device from Microsoft Launched on September 10

In this Era when different Mobile phone companies thinking of different styles and designs that satisfy customers Microsoft is here with its new and fabulous creation Microsoft Surface Duo. This is the first Mobile phone actually company said to not taking it as a Smartphone as it also looks like a tablet that’s why they named it Surface Duo and said to consider it as a Dual Screen Device but not as a Mobile.

Microsoft Surface Duo

First Dual-Screen Device from the company isn’t it interesting to have a chance to use a device like this which is a much Smartphone and Some resemble a Tablet. Microsoft Surface Duo is named by the company as it is having dual surfaces to work. Microsoft work so hard to design and make it the design of the device is so perfect they make it as it can rotate up to 360 degrees with a thin design. The Microsoft Surface Duo has hinges that enable it to rotate and make it’s dual-screen visible.

Microsoft spent almost 6 years making the Surface Duo and finding the right Software and Hardware for this Dual Screen device from the company. The smartphone is powered by Android which makes its the first windows device to be powered by Android.

Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer Explains that when the time comes to build his dream Moleskine-like device he spent about months planning about it he also carries a pair of Metal and Hinges in his pocket. He said in one of his interviews that “he put that Pair of Metals and Hinges together to made Microsoft Surface Duo”.

After putting them together Panos Panay Spent a couple of months in thinking about how to Finish the design of the model, What Size it would be?, Can it fit in pockets?, Could one sit on it? and many more. As a result, the device that comes up with a sleek and Fantastic design with a Dual screen Panos Panay named it as Surface Duo.

Panay has thought for a pocketable and a Small screen device for back in the year 2014 when Microsoft is about to launch it’s Surface Mini and eight inches big Tablet which afterward canceled by the company knowing that it is not the right time to launch it. The journey of the Surface duo started from there only after the cancellation of Microsofts Surface Min Panay decided to launch a Device that can be used as a Smartphone and Tablet at the same time it took 6 years for Microsoft Surface Duo to complete its journey of manufacturing.

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Review of Microsoft Surface Duo

The Review of the new phone by Microsoft isn’t that much satisfying as it is already getting many complaints about its Camera, Screen Freeze and much more.

The new Microsoft Surface Duo is a uniquely designed device by the company Microsoft. But it isn’t that much of satisfied for Microsoft that has been expected by them. The device took off almost 6 years to complete its journey and thereafter it is this much disappointing according to the Reviews.

There are some Positive and at the same some Negative Points of the device which is going to be told here by us:

Positive StuffNegative Stuff
Two apps at onceTerrible camera
Thin, beautiful hardwareSoftware too buggy
Good battery lifePrice

The conclusion is that the device is a power pack of new creation and design by the company and a worthy to buy for gadget lovers but not a cost-worthy device as it is not giving that much of features according to the price of device offered by the company.

Price and from where to buy it

The Microsoft offers the price of $1,399 for its 6 years creation Microsoft Surface Duo which will be available in variants of 128 GB and 256 GB. You can buy the New Microsoft Surface Duo from the links given Below: