Sony PS5 preorder has been started from today around the world and is available for users on the Gamestop website. But the users from India have still to wait to get the opportunity of PS5 preorder in India.

The release of PS5 is already listed on the official Indian website of Amazon and said to be estimated on 19 November 2020. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan had expected to launch the PS5 simultaneously across the globe, but Indian gamers still need to wait.

According to the Tweet by Indian Gamer Mako Reactor’s claims that Sony will announce the launch of PS5 in India very soon and made it available for every Indian Gamer and Playstation lover in India but they have to wait for some time. Meanwhile, The Mako Reactor citing their sources in the supply chain confirmed the news. 

PS5 preorder in India

As per the sources and reports, it is almost confirmed that Sony is going to make available PS5 soon in India for preorder on the Official Indian website of Amazon i.e. The official announcement is made by them on their site as shown in the link given above.

As per the supply chain sources, Sony is ready to launch PS5 in India. But the company is not willing to reveal any details because of fear of missing the due date. The company does not want to take any risk with the launch as the Indian fans are already very frustrated due to a lack of information.

As per the sources, it is confirmed that the price and release date in India is ready by the company and will announce it anytime.

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It seems Sony Centers and the exclusive Sony stores will give tentative price and pre-order details soon to the Indian PS5 fans, Gamers, and Users. The Mako Reactor report has also shared a chat with the customer care executive of Amazon India who told the customer that the PS5 pre-order in India will start from next week.

It seems that Sony Centers and Amazon India are giving some tentative details to ensure that the consumers are not going anywhere else to purchase the gaming console.   

Estimated price of the Console

Sony’s next-gen gaming console PS5 is going to be available in India soon as we stated earlier and PS5 preorder in India will be available on the official site of Amazon India stated officially by Amazon India and Sony.

The reports show the estimated prices which will be going to cost by the users for PS5 is around 35,000-50,000. and the gaming console is said to be available in two different variants as seen during the global release or preorder the normal PS5 priced at $499 (approximately Rs 37,000) and the Digital Edition at $399 (approximately Rs 29,500).

Additionally, DualSense controllers are priced at $69.99 (approximately Rs 5,000) per piece and the charging dock is priced at $29.99 (approximately Rs 2,200).

The prices stated above are just estimation may differ when launch. But there will be not much difference in the Price tag we stated above and the actual.


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