Sony PlayStation 5 Price in India has been revealed by the company today i.e. on October 19th. The new Next-gen PlayStation 5 gaming console will be available in two variants of different price one is the Standard version which will be available to buy at a price of Rs. 49,990/- and the other one is the Digital edition which will be available to buy at a price rate of Rs. 39,990/-.

The launch for the Sony PlayStation 5 is scheduled for November 19th in India. Even it is yet not confirmed that Sony will launch their PS5 on particular November 19th as the company keeps delaying the launch and not revealing the launch date in India, but according to reports yet it is said that the new PS5 will going to launch with the prices revealed today on November 19th.

Sony PlayStation 5 Price in India

The main competitor for PlayStation 5 in pricing for both variants is Xbox with its Series X and Series S. Previous month in September Microsoft reveal the pricing of its gaming console series X and series S which is almost the same as that of the Sony latest gaming console PS5.

The main difference between the PS5 models is the lack of a disc drive in the PS5 Digital Edition while, Microsoft is totally different, and the Xbox Series S is also less powerful than the Series X.

Today Sony Playstation 5 Price in India has been revealed by the company as the new PS5 console is going to be available in 2 different variants: One is Standard version available at a price of Rs. 49,990/- and other is Digital Edition at a price of Rs. 39,990/-.

If we compare it with the Xbox series X and series S price which is available at a price of Rs. 49,990/- and Rs. 35,990/- respectively. We can see that the high-end console has the same price while the low-end console of Microsoft Xbox is cheaper than the PS5 low-end console.

Both variants of PS5 share the same features and design but there is a small difference in both that is the availability of BluRay Disc drive which is present in the Standard version of PS5 while it is absent in the Digital Version of PS5. Which makes the Digital version available at Rs. 10,000/- cheaper than the Standard version of PS5 which makes the Digital variant a budget variant for users.

PlayStation 5 Accessories Price

Today along with the price of Consoles Sony also revealed the price of the Accessories that will be available to buy for the new PS5 console.

The very first and main accessory which was introduced by the company is the new DualSense Wireless Controller which will be available at a cost of Rs. 5,990/-.

The second one is the charger for the new DualSense Wireless controller named DualSense Charging Station which will be available to users at a price of Rs 2,590/-.

Other Accessories price which was revealed today by Sony is the new PULSE 3D wireless headset which will be made available at Rs 8,590, the Media Remote at Rs 2,590, and the HD camera at Rs 5,190.

With the use of the new HD camera, users may stream with PS5, and with the new Media Remote user can watch OTT like Netflix, Prime Video, etc. directly with their PS5.

All of these accessories will be made available for consumers to purchase alongside the new PlayStation 5, whenever it goes on sale.

Games Available to Buy for new PS5

Sony has also revealed the games available for the new PlayStation 5 which includes Demon’s Souls, Destruction Allstars, and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales –Ultimate Edition, all of the above games will available at Rs 4,999/-. Sackboy: A Big Adventure Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales will cost Rs 3,999. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Sackboy: A Big Adventure will also be made available for the PS4.

Other Third-party games going to launch will include Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition, Fortnite, Just Dance 2021, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and Observer: System Redux.

As we all know that the new PlayStation 5 will be compatible with 99 percent of PS4 games, according to Sony.


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