Why were Chainsaws invented? the truth between the origination of Chainsaws

What are Chainsaws? What do you think when you heard the word Chainsaws? Why were Chainsaws invented? These are certain questions that we are going to answer today as many of us might think about it daily while cutting woods and using the chainsaws.

Chainsaws are the monstrous devices used to cut off the wood of trees which are very hard and thick to cut with a simple Axe. Now, what will be your reaction if I told you that Chainsaws are the tools that were originally invented to help while the birth of a child. Chainsaws were invented in the year 1780 for the safe ejection of the babies from the Mother’s stomach.

As we all know before the common use of caesarian section (C-section) the babies have to pass through the birth canal before entering into the world and we also know if the babies were not bring out soon from the birth canal they must get obstructed which will be a big issue to worry. To pull out the baby soon after he/she gets stuck inside the pelvis of the mother it is necessary to cut the parts of the bone and cartridge as a result there will be more space available for the baby to come out. The following process is named “symphysiotomy”.

Why were Chainsaws invented?

In the year 1780 two great doctors invented the well-known device of today’s world named Chainsaws which were invented to safely give birth to babies. The work of the Chainsaws is simple the doctors are going to use the device to remove pelvic bone easily and consume more and more time possible during the birth of a child.

The shape of the device was given something like the shape of today’s kitchen knife with an outer chain covering which was covered by full of teeth like sharp structure to use for the cutting also it was powered by a hand-cranks.

Surely you may imagine the picture of the 1780 Chainsaws as today’s which create a lot of noise and are very big and powerful. But sorry to disappoint you the Chainsaws of 1780 year are much different from that in present as they are very much small in size and moreover less scary which looks like a medical tool used by the doctors to operate the patients.

The Chainsaws were soon take its place in the surgical rooms and the doctors started using it to cut bones and other parts easily and faster then compared to before. But not for very long the people soon get to realize the other uses of the Chainsaws and decided to evolve the device into a modern device with powerful features to cut bigger and thick things like wood of trees.

The chainsaw we know today is truly a monstrous device which can easily cut anything without any difficulty. But just imagine the reason for this monstrous device to invent “Safety of the babies while their birth”.

Symphysiotomies are no longer performed but sometimes still happen in “Third World” countries where an operating room for a caesarian section is unavailable. So that’s it for today the knowledge is full complete now you know why were Chainsaws invented, and can imagine what were the reason for doctors to use such device in past which is now known as the monstrous device.

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