What does Ion mean on Snapchat?

If you use Snapchat then maybe you heard the term “Ion” somewhere like while talking with your friends or something. But you don’t know the meaning of Ion and wondering what does Ion mean on Snap then you’re at the right place. Here today we will explain to you the term Ion which is used very commonly on Snapchat.

Ion is like a special short-form or abbreviation used by Snapchat users while talking or uploading their stories. And being a social media user it is really important to know every abbreviation and the special word used by social media users to withstand with them online.

Ion Full Form and Meaning

In simple words, we can say that Ion stands for “In Other News” It is an acronym that is used universally and is very common among people and social media users.

Not only in the real world the Ion is also quite familiar with Social media like Snapchat. Snapchat users really speak these languages while talking in messages or DMs. You can only get some stickers related to Ion or In Other News on different emoji keyboards.

Ion on Snapchat

As we discuss what is Ion now it’s time to know How Ion is used on Snapchat and what does Ion mean on Snap. It is really simple the Ion word is used in Snapchat DMs and messages to mainly change the topic of a conversation.

Not only to change the topic Ion also used to start the topic as you can simply type Ion in the inbox messages of a person whom you rarely talk or interact with.

In short, if we conclude the meaning of usage of the word Ion on Snapchat then we can say that Ion simply means or is used to draw the attention of some person and is an easy way to start interacting with a person.

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How to use Ion and Ion stickers on Snapchat

In case you’re wondering how to use the Ion acronym on Snapchat then here we will tell you about it. In Snapchat you can use the word Ion in different ways like while chatting in Inbox, or while sending snaps, or while uploading stories on your Snapchat account.

Snapchat has really cool In other Words stickers also which you can use while sending snaps or uploading stories on your Snapchat account. When used in a snap or story, it is better to create a separate textbox for ion. This lets you highlight the topic rather than the ‘ion’ text. 

not only this you can simply use some cool stickers related to Ion or In other Words if you don’t want to type it. In case you don’t know how to access the Ion stickers on Snapchat then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Snapchat app on your smartphone.
  • Click a picture to set as a background for your story or snap.
  • Now from the right side of the screen select the sticker button.
  • On the top of the screen you will found a search bar now search for the sticker you want to put on your story or snap like you can search for “Ion” or “In Other Words” to get the Ion stickers on Snapchat.
  • After placing the sticker on your snap by tapping on the backgraound you can add text and easily type the news you wanted to show to other people.
  • Send the snap you make using the Ion stickers to whom so ever you want.

Other Terms like Ion on Snapchat

Below are some other terms that are related to Ion on Snapchat:

  • IMO: IMO stand for “In My Opinion”. This term you can use to share your own opinion on something.
  • ICYDK: ICYDK stands for “In Case You Don’t Know”. This term can be used to change the topic or to share some news just like Ion.
  • FYI: FYI stands for “For Your Information”. This term is used to inform someone about something they don’t know.

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